Tickets Are Sold Out

We are stunned and humbled by how quickly the tickets sold out for this year’s WordCamp. If you were not able to obtain tickets, we are sorry we will miss you at the event. There is a slight possibility that a few tickets may open up as we get closer to the event date, but we can’t guarantee this will be the case. If more tickets do become available we will notify everyone via the usual channels – website, twitter, facebook, newsletter.

For those of you who did buy tickets, thank you so much. We will work as hard as we can to put on a good event for you this year. See you all in one month.

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8 Responses to Tickets Are Sold Out

  1. Steve Redlich says:

    It’s clear that larger venues need to be considered for future WordCamps in Southern California. I found out about the last SoCal Wordcamp far to late. I was able to get in to this by checking the site hourly.

    • Brandon Dove says:

      Steve, thanks for the feedback…believe me, we hear you. If you have any recommendations for next year’s venue, we’d love to hear it. To be honest,it’s really difficult to find a venue that doesn’t crush the entire budget and actually responds in a timely manner. We’ve spoken to every university and community college in the area over the last four years and Vanguard has been the best on all fronts (except room to grow obviously). We’d love to get your take on where you’d like to see us host the event next year. And hey, if you’ve got any connections with big, cheap venues, pass those along as well. =)

  2. I’m excited about the event. @PamAnnMarketing told me about it.

  3. christian says:

    Really bummed I missed the ticket sale. I would love to go, PLEASE if anybody has a spare or can’t make it contact me I’ll purchase the ticket right away.

  4. Ambreen Hussain says:

    Mirroring Christian’s response. If anyone has one or two tickets, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks!

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  6. Charley says:

    Good Day all!
    One (just one) ticket please?
    Help would be appreciated
    Thank you and hope to hear from you..
    charley at charley dot net